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 Lara Wong

 Lara Wong 

Flautist and Bansuri Player

Praised for her unique sound, musicality, and incredible versatility, flutist and bansuri player, Lara Wong is a groundbreaking flutist in the world music scene. 

Lara’s musical journey began in the classical world and she earned her degree in classical and jazz flute at McGill University in Montreal. During her university years she began to dedicate herself to flamenco and upon graduating, she went to the south of Spain to study flamenco.


Over the years, she has become a respected figure in the flamenco scene, best known for playing flamenco music on the Indian bansuri flute. Lara is also the winner of the “Filon" first prize award for best flamenco instrumentalist of the prestigious Festival Cante de las Minas, making her the first foreigner to win in any category of the festival's 60 year history.


Lara has played in festivals such as: Mariposa Festival, Vancouver Folk Festival, Suma Flamenca, Festival Arte Flamenco Mont-de-Marsan, SunFest, Mundial Montreal, and Festival du Monde Arabe, to name a few, and has performed across Europe, Canada, Japan, Morocco, Mexico, and Armenia. Over her career, Lara has performed with artists such as, Tino di Geraldo, Pepe Rivero, Las Migas, Javier Colina, Jorge Pardo, etc. 

In Febrauary 2022, Lara released her first album, Rosa de los Vientos. Lara currently resides in Madrid and tours frequently with her project Melón Jimenez & Lara Wong.


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